The Baviaans River Flood Project

The Baviaans River Flood Project

Protecting our River Systems

With the impact of climate change already being felt in the Western Cape, it is going to be critical for Casidra to participate in future river work projects in the Province. In order to combat these losses and to preserve the future of our water systems, Casidra continues to be involved in a couple of large projects to protect river catchment areas by removing alien vegetation and replacing it with indigenous material; building weirs and groynes; and piping water to local farms for the controlled distribution of this vital resource.

Restoring ecological infrastructure increases agricultural productivity, socio-ecological resilience, improved water security and job creation.

Casidra is successfully implementing the flood project based in Genadendal at the Baviaans River whereby 29 groynes were constructed to reduce river erosion. The scope of work includes the building of groynes to stabilise the river which will minimise the risk of arable land being washed away.

This is another exemplary state-of-the-art, multi-million Rand project that tested Casidra’s project management skillsets to the maximum.  This project demonstrates Casidra’s ability to oversee riparian zone works, and to successfully achieve the necessary milestones through professional collaboration with its service providers. Casidra continually receive acknowledgements from the Minister and the local farmers for a job well done, and for delivering the projects on time and within budget.

This river is an important tributary to the 125 km long Riversonderend River, and an important water source for agriculture in the Overberg district at large. It provides irrigation water to many local farmers. The river is critical in supporting ecological benefits to the region and a positive spin-off is that this river project is creating 60 employment opportunities during the construction and rehabilitation phases.

Caps off to our Environmental Sustainability team for ensuring that implementation of this project will run smoothly and completed ahead of schedule!



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