• Quotation
  • Beaufort West
  • 8:00 AM
  • Closing Date: 2020-12-02
  • Closing Time: 12:00 PM
Contact Person: Mr. S. Kordom
Contact Number: 0824581084
Contact Email: skordom@casidra.co.za



This document is not for sale. Any entity that requests payment must be reported at the contact person indicated in this tender.




The goods, as described, are part of the Agriculture and Land Reform programme for the Central Karoo. The site is situated in Beaufort West, in the Western Cape Province.


The quoted amount will be a lump sum bid and must include the supply and delivery of the trailer, but please include as an addendum the prices of the trailer.


Conditions that may pose a risk: (Summary of Risk analysis)


  • None


The list of items will include:

  1. Dimensions of double decker round nose high speed trailer must be 3.2m long x 1.7 m wide x 1.7m high (rails included)
  2. Trailer must be double axle with gross vehicle mass of 2700 kg
  3. Trailer frame must be manufactured from 76mm x 38mm x 5mm rectangular tube, or similar strength, with 300mm solid sides
  4. Trailer must have 50mm x 38mm x 2mm rails on top of solid sides
  5. Steel grid to prevent slipping
  6. Middle gate needed
  7. 38mm Board for deck
  8. Trailer floor must be made of 2 mm metal sheet.
  9. Rear gate swing and slide
  10. Side gate with ramp
  11. Wheels must be mounted on the external part of the trailer and have 2 x 1600kg braked axles, 2700kg ball and cup coupler, 60mm jockey wheel, 8 blade leaf springs
  12. Wheel sizes must be 14” white epoxy coated rims with 195/14” tyres
  13. Provide 1×14” white epoxy coated spare wheel rims with 195/14” tyres and mount them at the front of trailer.
  14. Trailer must be equipped with 12 volts electrical taillights in accordance to the SABS and road safety regulations.
  15. Trailer must be registered in the name of Casidra.
  16. Road worthy certificate, licensing and registration papers, as well as number plates as required should be issued with the trailer
  17. 12 months factory guarantee on all workmanship is required on trailer
  18. Trailer must be fully welded with hot-dip galvanizing
  19. Trailer parts must be SABS approved
  20. Trailer must be fully micro doted.
  21. Provide information brochure of a trailer with this quotation. 

If your product’s specifications differ from the above please indicate on your bid or suggest alternatives. Provide full specifications, pictures and a price breakdown with your bid.

Bid documents can be obtained from Sakkie Kordom via email on skordom@casidra.co.za.              

Documents for the purpose of this bid includes:

  1. Standard Conditions of Contract can be viewed on the Casidra website at www. Casidra.co.za
  2. Price Form (Form CBD 3.1 (Lump Sum)
  3. PPP Evaluation Form (Form CBD 5.1 (80/20)
  4. Bank Entity Form (Form CBD 7)


In accordance with Casidra’s Preferential Procurement Policy, this bid as further indicated in CBD 5.1 is subject to:

  • B-BBEE certified bids will receive preferential scores;
  • Tax Compliance is compulsory and must be indicated as compliant on CSD for the principle and all sub-contractors. The bid will be disqualified if the bidder is not tax compliant.


BID DEADLINE:  The closing date for the bid is 02 December 2020 strictly at 12H00.




Bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope with the name of the bidder and the inscription “PSALMS AGRI (DUNDEE): SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF HIGH-SPEED DOUBLE DECKER ROUND NOSE TRAILER (NEW)” and placed in the bid box available at Reception of Casidra’s Regional Office, Bateleur Park, Suite 107, 133 Cradock Street, George.  No faxed, counter-to-counter courier, email or posted bids will be accepted.


The following documents numbered 1 to 10 must be valid for a period of 60 calendar days after closure of the bid and submitted as a bid packet



The bid will be disqualified if any of the following COMPULSORY documents is not supplied:


  1. CBD 1 –    as supplied to the bidder (bidder to initial each page) 
  2. CBD 3.1 –    as supplied to the bidder, fully completed and signed
  3. CBD 5.1 –    as supplied to the bidder, fully completed and signed
  4. Registration on the CSD is compulsory and CSD Supplier Registration numbers must be supplied on CBD 5.1
  5. Proof of written warranty and guarantee
  6. Written proof of capacity to deliver within specified timeframe.(14days)
  7. Full specifications of the high-speed trailer (new) and a price break down.
  8. Brochures of the high-speed trailer (new) needs to be attached
  9. Fully completed, stamped and signed Bank Entity Form (Form CBD 7), OR the company banking information is indicated as “verified” on the CSD – (any 1 of the 2);


The following document is not compulsory

  1. An originally certified copy of the company’s BEE Certificate / original Sworn Affidavit (please see CBD 5.1 which is applicable). This is not compulsory, but no BEE points will be given without a valid document. If a bid is emailed BEE certificate/ Sworn Affidavit copies will be accepted for preliminary evaluation, but an original certificate / sworn affidavit must be delivered to Casidra Regional Office in George or posted to PO Box 9246 George 6530, to reach Casidra before the closing of this bid. An order will not be issued before receipt of the original document.