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  • Applications have closed.
  • 12:10 PM
  • Closing Date: 2019-08-26
  • Closing Time: 12:00 PM
Contact Person: Me. Bernice Gouws
Contact Number: 044 8710134
Contact Email: bgouws@casidra.co.za


This document is not for sale. Any entity that requests payment must be reported at the contact person indicated in this tender.




The Casidra SOC Ltd Regional Office in George needs office space to rent from 1 November 2019 (earlier date can be negotiated).


The specifications will include:

  1. The premises should be an upmarket facility with modern finishes, clean and well maintained that will present a positive corporate image and adhering to legislation regarding fire escapes etc. Preference will be given to facilities that have access for disabled persons.
  2. Preference will be given to a separate building or unit with own entrance.
  3. The premises should be located in the George central business area (George Central, Eastern Extension, Bodorp, Heatherlands, Dormehls Drift) and be zoned for office space.
  4. The premises should be at least 180 m2 to 220 m2 with ample office space for 7 staff (preferably 6 closed offices not smaller than 10m2 each and a reception area with ample space for seating for at least 4 clients.
  • Server room or space to accommodate a server, back up battery system and switchboard;
  • Shelve space (at least 20 meters of shelves) in a safe or build in cupboards for files and stationary;
  • Boardroom of at least 24m2 with space for overhead projector;
  • Own separate male and female ablution facilities (not communal) ;
  • Own kitchen with cupboards and a sink and space for a fridge and a microwave (not communal)
  1. Office floors should have good quality tiles or preferably carpets and well maintained walls and ceilings.
  2. All spaces must have sufficient lighting and plugs, including computer plugs (red plugs) to accommodate at least 8 computers, a server routers, modems, 2 printers and a projector.
  3. Building must have the necessary cables for telephone and LAN, set in walls or in trunking.
  4. There must be an alarm system as well as secure entrance (that can preferably open remotely).
  5. The facility must have prepaid electricity.
  6. Preferably air-conditioning in all offices.
  7. There should be at least 3 secure parking space (in a garage or behind a secure fence and gate) for overnight parking and at least 8 additional open or under cover parking for staff and clients.
  8. A rental agreement for 3 years with an escalation clause that is market related.
  9. No sub leasing or shared leasing.


Documents are available at Casidra SOC Ltd, 7 Farview Office Park,  George.  Documents can also be obtained from Ms Bernice Gouws via email on bgouws@casidra.co.za    


Documents for the purpose of this bid include:

  1. Standard Conditions of Contract can be viewed on the Casidra website at www. Casidra.co.za
  2. Price Form (Form CBD 3.1 (Lump Sum)
  3. PPP Evaluation Form (Form CBD 5.1 (80/20))
  4. Bank Entity Form (Form CBD 7)


In accordance with Casidra’s Preferential Procurement Policy, this bid as further indicated in CBD 5.1 is subject to:


  • Market related pricing.
  • a functionality compliance test (points will be given and facility will have to score a minimum of 80%);
  • B-BBEE certified bids will receive preferential scores;


BID DEADLINE:  The closing date for the bid is 26 August 2019 strictly at 12H00.


Bids smaller than 4MB can be emailed to bgouws@casidra.co.za (confirm delivery via return email).


The following documents must be valid for a period of 30 calendar days after closure of the bid and submitted as a bid packet:

  1. CBD1 (page 1 -3; this form) signed at the bottom;
  2. CBD 3.1 (page 4) must be completed fully and signed indicating the rental per month, escalation and other costs;
  3. Completed and signed CBD 5.1 (page 5 to the end)
  4. A certified copy of the company’s BEE Certificate / original Sworn Affidavit (please see CBD 5.1 which is applicable) – Not compulsory.
  5. Registration on the CSD is compulsory and CSD Supplier Registration numbers must be supplied on CBD 5.1. Tax Clearance is compulsory and must be indicated as compliant on CSD for the principle and all sub-contractors.
  6. Fully completed, stamped and signed Bank Entity Form (Form CBD 7), unless the company banking information indicate “verified” on the CSD