Tender NO: 80/2017

  • Closing Date: 15 January 2018
  • Locality: CAPE WINELANDS



The scope of works will include:

·         Provision for travel costs to the sites where interviews and filming will take place in the Cape Winelands district.

·         Sites are accessible via tar roads with some good gravel roads. No 4X4 required.

·         Royalty free background music to be provided for each video.

·         The footage, use and distribution thereof remain the property of the client. 

·         Professional written articles (750 words) on each subject are being compiled and will be supplied to serve as guide for each video.

The following topics are proposed (although they may be slightly amended):


1.    Invasive alien clearing: changing lives through sustainable resource management.

2.    River maintenance and management plans: protecting our rivers.

3.    Food garden club: serving communities.

4.    Food surplus network.

5. Utilising biomass from invasive alien plants (Chipping/biochar/wood cutters).

6.    Junior LandCare (Youth environmental education)

7.    Sustainable Resource Management committee

8.    Upper Breederiver Collaborative Extension Group

9. Wolseley Water Users Association: a WWF & Woolworths partnership

10.Restoration & Greening project: From the nursery to the riverbed