Seed of Hope for Naomi Herbs Project

Seed of Hope for Naomi Herbs Project

Naomi Herbs, situated in the Stellenbosch area, is best known for their high quality herbs and vegetables. This farming project was established by Naomi Linders as a sole-beneficiary who takes pride in growing fresh and excellent quality herbs and vegetables. The Western Cape Department of Agriculture supported the project financially through their Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP).  Casidra used the CASP funding to implement the project by procuring garden tools, boreholes, electronic equipment, greenhouses and production inputs.

A delighted Naomi expressing her gratitude and says, “I would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by the WCDoA and Casidra. The endless hours that you spent working on this project, and the professionalism that you have shown, have impressed the entire team immensely. Your diligence, self-motivation and dedication have been a source of inspiration for the team”.

Linders is a great visionary and would like to see her farming project grow more.  She would like to acquire more land, plant all her crops in the greenhouses and tunnels, and eventually do hydroponics in the next five years.

Agri-businesses such as Naomi Herbs contribute to further job creation within the agricultural sector, which is one of the Western Cape Government’s strategic priorities. It is overwhelming to see that this farming project is heading in the right direction, as they have already created jobs to put bread on the table for 13 families.  

Naomi Herbs is also one of the 42 farms that receives accounting and bookkeeping services through Casidra’s Financial Record-Keeping (FRK) Programme.  These services include creating a SARS profile for income Tax returns; registering the business for workman’s compensation; VAT and PAYE/UIF;  monthly transactions processing; monthly payroll; compilation of financial statements; ensuring that the business is compliant with CIPC; maintaining fixed asset registers; physical asset verification; and lastly annual farm assessments conducted by our FRK team.

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