Casidra is funded by the Western Cape Government (WCG) to implement projects
on behalf of various government departments and donor agencies.

Our Top Six priorities are to:

  1. Engage more closely with existing and potential stakeholders
  2. Secure sustainable and additional funding from diversified sources
  3. Deliver world class project management services to all stakeholders
  4. Modernise the Company’s IT infrastructure and systems
  5. Foster a winning team culture amongst all employees
  6. Ensure greater equity in the workplace

Casidra seeks to attract local, provincial, national and international attention for additional sources of revenue/assistance to strengthen our efforts towards establishing increasing numbers of thriving, self-sufficient rural communities in the Western Cape.  If you create an environment where sufficient financial security exists, it creates stability and loyalty.

Closer Public-Private Partnership (PPPs) involvement will benefit not only development in rural areas, but also the economic empowerment of the Western Cape as a whole.

Effective medium-term planning is possible and the implementation of projects can be handled efficiently. To expand and address strategic objectives, financial capacity is required.

A long-term commitment of the WCG for sufficient funding will contribute significantly towards results. Concerted efforts are made to solicit funding from the private-partnership sector and donor organisations.

An appeal is, therefore, made to donor organisations and grant makers to contribute towards Casidra’s five Programmes, namely:

  1. To develop ‘new business‘ to increase and diversify the Company’s income

  2. To provide ‘food security‘ to disadvantaged communities for their wellbeing

  3. To support predominantly ‘smallholder farmers‘ in developing their businesses

  4. To project-manage ‘environmental initiatives’ for sustainable economic development

  5. To execute ‘corporate services’ for the organisation to excel in its deliverables


For more information, enquiries and news, please contact our Public Relations & Communications Manager, Experience Matshediso, Tel.: 021 863 5000 and Email: