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Land Reform Programme for the Western Cape

The UTA conducted an evaluation of the Land Reform programme in the Western Cape. The report is summarized below: The Unit for Technical Assistance was requested to conduct an evaluation of the Land Reform Programme in the Western Cape Province. The purpose of the evaluation was to determine the rate of success on a sample taken from 246 agricultural land reform projects supported by the Department of Agriculture from 1 April 2009 to 31 March 2013 through the Comprehensive Agricultural...

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UTAs success story


UTA received the request on the 02 February 2013 to conduct borehole test to check the quality and capacity of the borehole for Alona Fresh Produce. Brain and Eleanor Swart are the only beneficiaries of this project. During the time when this request was put forth, the farmers were farming tomatoes in a tunnel that covered 3000m² and were envisaging to add an additional multispan greenhouse and olives in the product mix. The UTA conducted the borehole assessment through Pumpcor....

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In our last quarterly newsletter, we discussed the viability of a low throughput abattoir that has the capacity to slaughter 6 units. This quarter, we discuss the viability of an abattoir with the capacity to slaughter 10 units per day. 10 Unit is equivalent to 10 cattle, 60 sheep/goats or 120 porkers. As mentioned in our previous quarter’s newsletter, the risks that are associated with the illegal/informal slaughtering of livestock are endless and dangerous to consumers and the environment, as...

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AMALIENSTEIN RECEIVES AWARD Casidra is proud to announce that Amalienstein’s Community Development facilitator, Liticha Fortuin, received recognition as runner-up in the Best Female Worker category during this year’s Female Entrepreneur of the Year award ceremony on the 15th August 2014 at Nelson’s Creek Estate. Fortuin received her award from Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities. Casidra congratulated Fortuin on this outstanding achievement! AMALIENSTEIN ONTVANG TOEKENNING Casidra is trots om aan te kondig dat Amalienstein se Gemeenskap Ontwikkeling fasiliteerder,...

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Casidra makes school children’s dreams come true

Henry David Thoreau, born in 1817, an author, poet and political activist, said, "books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations". Casidra donated computers and furniture to the Crystal High School in Hanover Park a year ago. The school saw the need for valuable assets and set up a modern technological library for their learners. They invited various stakeholders to assist in developing the library and some former school’s learners assisted....

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Greenhouse Farming and Hydroponics: The solution to farming in a country with limited water resources?

South Africa is a country with limited water resources and where access to land is an issue. With these limitations in mind, a task team from Casidra recently undertook a viability study on Greenhouse Farming (with Hydroponics as the backbone of this farming method) to see if this farming method can overcome these limitations cost effectively. Greenhouse Farming entails farming under a cover, while Hydroponics is the philosophy to irrigate plants (normally by means of drippers) with nutrient enriched...

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St Boniface Primary School receives funding for food garden

The St Boniface Primary School in Molsvlei, with almost 600 learners, received support to develop a food garden. Molsveli is one of the areas that faces serious water challenges and depends on rain water to irrigate crops. Ten rainwater tanks and irrigation equipment were procured for the school by Casidra with the CASP funding received from the Western Cape Department of Agriculture and two 3.5m x 15m Eco-tunnels were erected for the beneficiaries on site. The school currently has a...

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Worcester Trout Project Demonstrates Growth Potential

Worcester Trout is a smallholder black farmer project in Worcester, which has been in operation for more than five years. It is currently being implemented by Casidra and is expected to be completed by the end of September 2014. Frederick Pienaar, the project beneficiary, has created one permanent job. The project was funded by the Western Cape Department of Agriculture through its Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme. Casidra, as an implementing agency, managed to procure all the necessary deliverables for the...

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Ashton Small-Scale Farmers Trust

Ashton Small-Scale Farmers’ Trust is a livestock farming project that has goats, sheep and chickens and is situated in the Bonnievale area in the Cape Winelands. This successful project, with its high growth potential, plans to expand its livestock to cattle. During its inception, project had 147 beneficiaries, 80 are currently active. The WCDoA and Casidra contributed positively towards this project by assisting with the testing of five boreholes to determine the ground water quality and capacity, and the replacement...

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Seasons Find Chicken Abattoir

Seasons Find is a chicken abattoir project situated 2 km outside Hopefield in the West Coast region and is owned by two beneficiaries, Tyrone Poole and his wife. The project started way back in 2004 when it operated as a chicken abattoir for broilers. There has been excellent growth at this project since its inception, particularly in terms of job creation. Approximately 30 seasonal workers and 12 permanent workers were appointed at the project. The Western Cape Department...

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