Programmes and Services


Programme 1: Corporate Services

Purpose: The provision of leadership, strategic direction and relevant support services to the respective programmes of Casidra.

Sub-Programme 1.1: Corporate Governance
Purpose: To deliver an efficient and effective service in compliance with best practice in corporate governance.

Sub-Programme 1.2: Financial Management
Purpose: Ensure compliance with all relevant financial statutes and regulations, notably the Public Finance Management Act and the Companies Act.

Sub-Programme 1.3: Human Capital Management
Purpose: Human capital management initiatives implemented to support service delivery excellence.

Sub-Programme 1.4: Strategic Training
Purpose: To meet the business’ current and future requirements and to enable employees to realise their full potential.

Sub-Programme 1.5: Public Relations, Marketing and Communications
Purpose: To create brand awareness by promoting the Company, projects and its services through the provision of internal/external communication, marketing and advertising services.

Programme 2: Agriculture and Land Reform

Purpose: To empower Western Cape smallholder farmers to progress toward their full potential.

Sub-Programme 2.1: Management of Government farms
Purpose: To provide a farm management capacity to the two identified Government-owned farms in the Western Cape; to manage them according to best practices in the industry.

Sub-Programme 2.2: Agricultural Producer Support and Development
Purpose: To implement agricultural infrastructure and production grant support to beneficiary farms in the Western Cape.

Programme 3: Poverty Alleviation and Disaster Response

Purpose: To provide a project management service for specific subsistence development projects and agricultural initiatives with the aim of improving the standard of living of people in the Western Cape, as well as to holistically address the socio-economic needs of communities and to create employment in areas.

Sub-Programme 3.1: Food Security
Purpose: To identify needs, support solutions and procure services and goods to assist vulnerable households and communities in selected regions of the Western Cape in the production of their own food by initiating and cultivating vegetable and animal production within the limits of sustainable parameters to address the issue of food insecurity.

Sub-Programme 3.2: Project Management Services to WCDoA
Purpose: To respond to requests from the Western Cape Department of Agriculture to implement new and existing projects aimed at providing rural infrastructure, disaster support and other agricultural and economic development opportunities to the beneficiaries of the Western Cape.

Programme 4: Economic and Business Development Opportunities

Purpose: To enhance business growth and local economic development through the leveraging of investments from the public (other than WCDoA) and private sector.

Sub-Programme 4.1: New Business Opportunities
Purpose: To ensure Casidra’s financial sustainability, through public (other than WCDoA) and private sector partnerships to support business growth and development.