Backyard Chicken House

Backyard Chicken House

Backyard Chicken House

Food security is having reliable access to sufficient, affordable nutritious food, and here at Casidra, we walk the extra mile to achieve this by providing our communities with necessities in order to survive.

On 30 April 2024, we received a newly assembled state-of-the-art chicken house with built-in feeders that will each accommodate 8-10 chicken layers to be distributed to our food security beneficiaries across the Western Cape.

Households in the Province are provided with the basic requirements to start their chicken layer and vegetable production garden in their backyards.

“Casidra is behind the WCDoA’s Producer and Development Programme which supports smallholder and commercial farmers. This programme is geared towards supporting the transformation of the agricultural sector for increased productivity and actively contributes to economic growth, inclusion, equality and the creation of dignified work”, says Dr Keith Du Plessis, Chief Executive Officer.

Our Minister of Agriculture, Dr Ivan Meyer, has emphasised the fact that we address the challenges of food insecurity while malnutrition remains top on the agenda of the Western Cape Government.

Since resuming his office, Minister Meyer and his Western Cape Department of Agriculture launched the One Home One Garden Initiative as a deliberate departure from food relief, which is unsustainable, to food security, as it encourages households to establish their own chicken layers and vegetable gardens in their backyards”.

The One Home One Garden ultimately aims to ensure the affordability, availability and accessibility of nutritious food for domestic consumption using household production on a sustainable basis and produce enough food to meet basic household food security needs throughout the year.

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